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Zuma® Motorcycles & Power Products specialise in sourcing quality products from all over the world, with emphasis on quality and back- up a priority. Zuma® is one of the first and largest importers of Chinese Off Road products and we have every intention of being here for the long term. Our workshop staff have engineering backgrounds and an excellent understanding of everything we sell to provide you with the best product support.


Our Motorcycles, Quadbikes, Dirtbikes, Go Karts and Power Products are sourced from quality manufacturers and if any product on offer from any supplier is not up to our standard it is rejected by our engineers giving you peace of mind in knowing that everything you buy from Zuma® is the best that is available at a excellent price that won't break the budget. Zuma® Motorcycles, Quadbikes, Dirtbikes, Go-Karts and Power Products are also therefore inherently safer than much of the product on offer out there in the Australian market.


At Zuma® we are very often asked to try and help customers who have bought products elesewhere but are stuck when they've needed parts. While at Zuma® we try to help everyone when it comes to spare parts, we can only guarantee parts for our products. Customers should think long and hard before grabbing that 'bargain' from somewhere else as the cheap bargain bike you buy today is the expensive oversized paperweight of tomorrow.


With over 200 production lines in China producing products that may appear similar to those you can see on our site, only about 10% of them have quality control or spare parts supply systems in place. All the other factory’s source their components from whichever parts manufacturer can do the best price at the time without emphasis on quality. Remember if the price is very cheap then in 99% of cases so is everything else about it.


Michael Onrust

Managing Director


Zuma Motorycles & Power Products Australia..



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