Kid's Buggies & Go Karts

Children are energetic. Therefore, go-kart racing is one of the most enjoyable ways to keep children engaged.

Kid's Go Karts & Buggies

There are a large number of different types of go-karts available. It can be easy for people to get overwhelmed and choose the wrong one. So, how do you choose the best one?

We're here to help. The key is to buy a go-kart for your child that meets his/her needs but also meets your needs as a parent speed components and safety and security construction are equally important. Our Kids Buggies and Go Karts give your young ones the freedom to go where they please while giving you peace of mind.

What age is appropriate for a go-kart?

Our go-karts are designed for children aged four years and above. We do not recommend our go-karts for younger children as they may be too small or cannot control their speed. 

How fast is a go-kart for kids, and is it safe for my child?

Our go-karts are designed with safety in mind. They are made of high-quality materials that are easy on the body yet durable enough to withstand years of use. 

Our go-karts are built to last!

We take great pride in our go karts because we know how important they are to you and your children. That's why we make sure every one of them is well constructed.

We also ensure that our products meet or exceed all local and federal regulations.

The Bilby 160 is a safer alternative to Quad bikes because of their lower centre of gravity and wide wheelbase, reducing the risk of rollovers.

Kid's Buggies & Go Karts

In the event that one occurs, our rally-style 5 point seatbelts keep the children in their seats, and the roll cage provides additional protection for the children’s heads. However, helmets should still be worn to prevent any injuries to their heads.

Go Kart Safety Tips:

- Always wear protective gear such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

- Never ride alone. Have an adult supervise at all times.

- Do not drive when tired or under the influence.

- Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.


      Kid's Helmet


      What is a suitable beginner go-kart?

      A suitable starter go-kart will be able to handle speeds up to 30kph. This means that your child can travel around without reaching worrisome speeds.

      The best part about a go-kart is that it doesn't require much maintenance. It only needs oil changes once a year and regular tune-ups.

      The best way to find out if a go-kart will work for your family is by trying one out. If your child enjoys riding, then there is no doubt that you will enjoy the experience.

      How do I choose a go-kart? How much does a go-kart cost?

      When choosing a go-kart, consider the following factors:

      • Size
      • Weight capacity
      • Speed
      • Cost
      • Maintenance requirements
      • Safety features
      • Fun factor


      The size of a go-kart depends on the age of the child. For example, the Bilby 160 is ideal for ages 4-9 years and the Bushranger 200 for 9years to small adults. 

      Weight Capacity

      A go-kart’s weight capacity determines how many passengers can sit on board. Our Bilby go-kart has a maximum weight capacity of 80kg combined. Ensure that you refer to the specification to decide whether the go-kart is suitable for them.


      The speed of go-karts varies depending on their design. Even though the Bilby 160 is capable of higher speed, this has been intentionally kept at a moderate 30kph due to the age of children who would use the Bilby 160.


      There are two types of go-karts: gas-powered and electric. Gas-powered go-karts are louder and need open spaces away from residents. Electric go-karts are quieter and can be used in built-up areas where permitted. 

      Maintenance Requirements

      Go-karts need to be maintained regularly. You must check the tires for any signs of damage. Also, you should change the oil every 20 hours of use or so.

      Safety Features

      All go-karts come equipped with seat belts so that riders can stay safe. The seats are padded to protect the rider’s backside. In addition, most go-karts have speed limiters that restrict throttle travel and in the case of the Bilby 160 a wireless remote control that a parent can use to turn the engine off from a distance as far as 80 meters.

      Fun Factor

      This is probably the most significant deciding factor when choosing a go-kart. They offer an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your children and get them off their Sony play stations and interact and socialise. Also, your children will learn valuable skills such as balancing, steering, braking, and cornering.

      If you would like more information about our kid's go-karts, visit us online or call Zuma Motorcycles Wollongong today.

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