Dirt Bikes For Kids

Your child has shown an interest in dirt bikes. So it should be simple buying them one, right? Unfortunately buying them the right dirt bike might be a bit overwhelming.

It involves many factors, and we've put together a guide for your consideration. Before investing your money in a hobby that might be temporary, consider these things first.

Kids' dirt bikes come in different price ranges depending on the type of kids' dirt bike you want. Over the years, the youth dirt bike market has evolved, and 2022 is sure to see a rise in interest for kids' dirt bikes and the hobby as a whole. 

Maybe outdoor activities are more common among families and there's an impulse to try something new? Now is the perfect time to think about motorcycling as a fun hobby for your kids.

kids dirt bike

Why are dirt bikes a good idea for kids?

If your child learns to ride a kid's dirt bike early, they will never forget their first time riding a dirt bike.

Dirt bikes teach balance, coordination, and discipline in a fun and exciting way. Maintenance and cleaning your dirt bike gives you many opportunities to grow through mechanical skills, focus and dedication. It's not always easy to understand the ins & outs of maintaining a kids' dirt bike, but the experience will be worth it.

While competition may be a significant part of the riding experience for some riders, it's not all about that. Exploration, family rides, and trail riding all play a role in helping children learn. Encourage your children to get into dirt biking if they show an interest in it. Support their interest as soon as you can.

How do you select the best dirt bike for your child?

Consider the quality of the material the bike is made out of.

A single-gear transmission, brake response, and throttle are probably wiser along with the handling.

Safety features are more important than the design and cool factor of the bike.

A lighter bike is also ideal as it is easier for kids to control, mainly when ridden off-road.

Other factors to consider include speed and torque, next to the range of the vehicle. Some check all the right boxes, but the battery isn't as strong, so don't forget to ask about extra battery packs if they're an issue.

It's also vital to remember customer service. Many people forget to ask about it. You want a company that takes customer needs seriously and deals with them quickly.

    Kids Dirt Bike For Sale

    Let's dig a little deeper…

    Tips To Finding A Dirt Bike For Kids

    The best kids dirt bike offers a variety of choices, including tyre size, type of throttles, and engine size. Once your kids choose a dirt bike brand, then they will usually stick with that brand for life. An upgrade path within a brand family is important to ensure that your junior riders can progress when they can ride at their next level.

    Be careful when buying cheap imported motorcycles from low-quality motocross sites. Many of these dirt bikes are poorly built and don't feature high-quality parts. If you want your junior rider to be safe when riding, then you need to ensure that the quality of the suspension, brakes and other vital components is high. Even though the lower price may be tempting, you're probably going to replace your mini dirt bike soon.

    For kids' dirt bikes, it's even more vital that you're sure they're safe, that their resale value is good, and that there are fewer breakdowns. A better mini dirt bike will lead to more confidence and faster progress. Ultimately, it will be more fun.

    These are the most important qualities when choosing the best motocross bikes for your junior stars. Make sure to write down everything you need to know about the product, including its features, pros and cons, and any special instructions.

    What other things should I look for with a kid's dirt bike?

    There are some other considerations when choosing the best dirt bike for kids.

    First of all, make sure the frame is sturdy and durable. It's something you can use for years without worrying about breaking it.

    Also, make sure the handlebars are comfortable. The position of the bars should be easy to reach and adjust.

    This way, you'll be able to hold onto them easily.

    Determining whether or not your kid would like a full-suspension model depends mostly on how much they already ride.

    If they aren't into bikes, then a basic model might do fine.

    Engine Size & Throttle Control Of A Kids Dirt Bike 

    The amount of power sent to the wheels of your kid's motorbike depends on the engine's capacity. Higher CCs means more power is generated by the dirt bike motor, which allows for more speed. Most kids will start out on a 50cc or 70cc bike before moving up to a 100cc motorcycle. From there, they'll look at 65cc, 75cc, and 100cc as they gradually progress up to the adult class.

    A small dirt bike usually comes with a safety device called a throttle limiter screw that limits the power and speed available. This device allows parents to control the speed at which their kids learn to ride their dirt bikes. As your junior rider gets better at controlling the gas, the screws can be gradually tightened until they're completely removed.

    Smaller motorised bikes for kids have a limited power band. As the engine speed increases, the ratio of power created by the engine gradually increases.

    A two-stroke engine has a quicker power band which creates power quickly and suddenly.

    A four-stroke engine is more consistent in power generation at high RPMs, making it smoother and easier to control.

    The other major factor you need to consider is the rider. How is your child in everyday life? More risk-averse kids will likely prefer a smaller four-stroke motor. Other kids who aren't afraid of getting hurt will probably enjoy a tame dirt bike. Both your junior rider and your senior rider must have a say in this decision.

    Dirt Bike for kids

    Kids Dirt Bikes Tyre Size

    One of the best ways to figure out which bike would be best for a smaller rider is by looking at tyre size. Mini dirt bike tyres are best for compact dirt bikes. A larger tyre and wheel package will raise the seat of the dirt bike higher off the ground, which may not be ideal for younger riders. Safe riding is all abou­t confidence, and having tires too large will compromise your junior rider's ability to control the dirt bike. Start small to ensure that you get a good fit and feel confident riding.

    The low centre of gravity on kids' dirt bikes makes for a big advantage. This feature helps ensure your junior rider can balance better when learning to stabilise themselves. Being able to stand up on their own feet helps children gain self-confidence. Steering is essential when navigating obstacles or making their way through tight spaces.

    Cost of Kids Dirt Bikes

    It's possible that your child might not enjoy motocross. Some beginners may find dirt bikes intimidating, and that spells the end of the riding career for some children. As parents or guardians, we may need to swallow our own pride and accept that our pee wee may be better suited to a different sport.

    This uncertainty will likely influence how much you want to spend on a kid's dirt bike. A mini motorcycle geared for racing will have a better suspension, a stronger motor, and a sturdy frame. Components will be light so they don't weigh down the track. Trail riding dirt bikes are not necessarily built with a competitive edge in mind. Trail dirt bikes will not be any less reliable than regular dirt bikes, but they might be a bit heavier and more robust.

    A brand new kid's dirt bike off the floor is going to cost you over $1000.00 and over. This price will be lower than a full adult dirt bike and reflect the kind of riding your junior will pursue (racing or trail).

    Since most parents understand the importance of high-quality products, you will usually choose between buying used or new ones. There are plenty of used mini dirt bikes for sale that are still in good condition. 

    Which Is The Best Option For My Child?

    Your child's size and seat height should match. Height is more important than age. To ensure that the electric dirt bike is a good fit, you should make them sit on it. If their feet reach flatly onto the ground, it should be a good match. Pretty easy, right?

    Another thing is tyre size. The smaller the tyre size, the easier it is to control the bike. If they're a little older and can handle themselves well enough on a bike without too many worries, go with the smaller one for the first time.

    For a first bike, the engine size should be about 50 cc, then as they get bigger, they can progress to a larger engine with a lot of power. Don't overlook the resale value because they will eventually grow into it. If you're not 100% sure your child will be riding a bike forever, or at least until they physically outgrow it, then maybe go for the cheaper option.

    There's an enormous difference between spending $300 and $2000 on something that will be boring within a few weeks. If you spent upwards of $5000, you probably want to get some of that back when you sell it.

    Why should your kid learn to ride a dirt bike? Here are some reasons why.

    There are so many things to consider. First and foremost, kids should learn how to ride bikes. It's like a rite of passage; you never forget it. 

    Biking teaches balance and coordination but also teaches independence. Because it is a solo sport, they can ride at any time without waiting for someone else to join them.

    They will learn another important skill: taking care of it. It's imperative to take care of things, including minor repairs and upkeep.

    Electric bikes are cheaper than gas-powered bikes, so they're a good choice for parents who want to buy their kids an affordable motorcycle but don't want to spend too much money.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Dirt Bikes 

    What is the best age to get a kid a dirt bike?

    A kid can start riding a dirt bike at any time, but the youngest is usually 3-4 years old If you want your kid to learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels, then it's best to get them one with training wheels. If you're a beginner rider, you might want to skip this option if your balance is comfortable. However, always remember to wear your helmet, regardless of your age.

    Does age or height matter more when selecting a dirt bike?

    It's actually the opposite! As far as dirt bikes go, you'll want to ensure that your kid can sit comfortably on their dirt bike with their feet on the ground. It's especially true because we all experience growth spurts at different times, so what works for someone who is six years old may not work for eight years old.

    What age is a 50cc dirt bike good for?

    The answer to this depends on the question above. However, since 50cc dirt bikes can be suitable for children as young as three years, they're ideal for kids just starting out. It depends on rider height and riding comfortability because seat height and experience are some of the factors that will also affect your decision. A 50cc dirt bike is usually suitable for children between three and seven years old.

    Electric dirt bikes for kids - are they worth it?

    Electric kid's dirt bikes can be an excellent alternative to consider when looking for a gas-powered dirt bike. With our help, you can choose the best dirt bike gear for your needs, select the safest helmets, and get the most out of your experience.

    So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy your child a dirt bike now! 

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